What to do, What to do


Thinking Thoughts

So my big plans didn’t work out. That happens sometimes and in this case I needed to be true to myself. No one did anything bad to me and everyone has opinions but if I am going to volunteer my time for an endeavor, I don’t really want to do it for a project that only directly benefits someone that is generally diametrically opposed to me politically. 

The whole thing leads to a question and that is where do I go from here. What happens next? And this isn’t some big serious thing. I still have my job (which I love) and my family (whom I love). I was just looking forward to the opportunity to do something that gave me a chance to exercise some of my strengths with a topic that I love. 

I have enjoyed doing the Worst Comic Podcast EVER with Cullen and Jerry and I plan to continue doing that. I have also enjoyed writing reviews and articles about comics and I would still like to do that. But I feel that there is something else there. Some untapped idea that is just right for me.

When I look at comic websites, they feature a lot of the same things. And even though I was getting ready to do a comic book news show, I know that if I wasn’t on it, I probably wouldn’t watch it. Why watch someone read you the news when you can read it yourself?

So what can I bring? What can I bring that no one else can and the primary answer that I come up with is a certain degree of stage presence and a sense of humor. I’ve been told a few times that I’m a funny guy and I’ve even done a tiny bit of stand up and Friday Night Live and I do five (or six) shows a day at school. 

What is this endeavor going to look like yet? I don’t know yet but I’m in brainstorming mode and it feels good and strange at the same time. I look forward to unleashing something cool and unique and funny on all y’all soon. Or least I hope to.

Thanks for all the kind words and support over the past few days. I have the best friends!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Korean Edition

If you love baseball like I do then you have probably seen the movie Major League. And if you have seen it then you probably remember when ‘Wild Thing’ Charlie Sheen comes into the game at the end of the movie and the crowd goes absolutely crazy.

That scene is what it was like at a Korean Baseball game … for 9 innings … in June … between the 3rd and 5th place teams.  It was one of the most incredible things that I have ever seen.

The Colonel encourages Koreans to try his original recipe.

The Colonel encourages Koreans to try his original recipe.

Now I love going to baseball games .  I mean loooooove it.  My mother-in-law will tell anyone that will listen about going to a game with me and having me scream out a war whoop (as she calls it) as we entered the bleachers.  As I said, I love going to games and when the family and I go on vacation to other cities, I like to check out the local stadium to see what is unique while also getting the oh-so familiar feel of the ball park.  That said, I have never seen a ball game in another country before and while in Seoul, the opportunity finally presented itself thanks to the Korean Baseball Organization.  The Doosan Bears were going to be hosting the Nexen Heroes at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul while I was in town. I didn’t even know there was a Korean baseball league until I saw that they had four stations airing Korea baseball every night which is pretty impressive when your realize there are only four games being played each night.

Selfie with the Doosan Bear while photobombing this unsuspecting Korean woman.

Selfie with the Doosan Bear while photobombing this unsuspecting Korean woman.

I checked the schedule, grabbed my subway map and headed out for a dose of the great American pastime.  It took about 45 minutes to get out to the park and as soon as I exited the subway I felt a dose of the energy that was to come.  There were hundreds of people selling things, buying things and eating things.  You could buy jerseys, hats, thundersticks, food, drinks, toys and pretty much anything else that you wanted.  I didn’t know what you were allowed to take into the park (turns out anything you want) so I didn’t pick up anything there but I did enjoy looking around as I made my way to get a ticket. I picked an upper seat (there is only one level so this is like the upper seats of the lower level at Kaufmann) for 8 bucks on the home side and headed to the official Doosan Bears Merchandise Shop.  I selected a nice blue jersey which I liked better than the white even though it was the away colors.  Properly adorned, I headed into the stadium and found my seat.


And the crowd goes wild … for a 2 out single in the 5th. Actually they just stayed wild.

The game had just started so I was surprised to find that the crowd was already really fired up.  In fact, they were all yelling and chanting like crazy so I tried to figure out what had happened. It was the top of the first and apparently the pitcher had managed to get an 0-2 count on the 2nd batter. That was it.  In the States, most of the fans wouldn’t even be at the game let alone engaged at that point.  In this game the fans were going crazy for two strikes in the first inning.  As the game went on, I saw that continuously.  The fans cheered when anything good happened and were often chanting when nothing was happening or in between innings.  It just never let up.  The picture to the right shows the fans going crazy … why? A two-out single in the fifth.  Would MLB fans applaud a two-out single … sure.  Would they go crazy with a standing ovation?  No way. I should clarify that the Korean fans did not stand up at this point.  That would have required them to have been sitting at some point during the home half on an inning.  Several times during the game, I literally said “Wow” out loud at amazement at the frenzy occurring in front of me.

I was thoroughly impressed at how the crowd was totally into the game but also at how coordinated they were.  The entire crowd had memorized songs, chants and actions that they did repeatedly throughout the game. I really tried to get a good video of this but none of the videos came out very well.  The best one that I was able to get is below but still doesn’t seem to capture the energy and coordination of the crowd. Check it out to get a taste.  The Bears had just had a rally to get a comfortable lead in the game and the crowd just kept up the energy.

It took about 4 innings to get this guy to warm up to me.

It took about 4 innings to get this guy to warm up to me.

Part of what makes this even more interesting is that Koreans seem really reserved in every other part of life where I interacted with them (or tried to interact).  I frequently make eye-contact and give a head nod to people as I walk down the street.  Koreans seemed very insulated from the people around them. People on the subway don’t seem to strike up conversations or even smile at people around them … even kids. But at the ballpark, all of the emotional control that the seem to have the rest of the day goes totally out the window. I was sitting next to a kid that was about 6 or so years old and he was really quiet next to me.  I worked on him for about 4 innings and he was finally impressed when I showed him the picture of me with the Doosan Bear and he let me take this selfie with him.  I showed his Mom and she thought it was funny.  Oh and his Mom was totally into the game.  She knew every song and yelled at every play and did all the arm waving/hand motions as well. She was not just taking the boys to a game she was a big time fan.  In fact, I would say that more than half of the attendees at the game were women and boy did they cheer.  One song had alternating parts for the men and women and all the single ladies absolutely dominated. That is what makes the cheering so surprising.

The older brother gave me a snack chip made with dried fish.  Yum.

The older brother gave me a snack chip made with dried fish. Yum.

The young man that was sitting next to me swapped places with his older brother and we had a great time together.  He warmed up to me immediately.  I was teasing him at one point because he was watching the game on his phone … while the game was right in front of us. I pointed at his phone and out at the game and said “this game?” and he nodded.  I then motioned at the field as if to say ‘it is right there!’  His mom thought that was hilarious and encouraged him to share his chips with me.  I had one and they were fish flavored.  Not my favorite to be honest but I washed it down with a beer so no big deal.  A minute later he tried to shove another one in my face and I indicated that I was full.  A minute later I pointed and said something (I don’t remember what) and he said, “Sorry, I don’t speak English.”  I said, “Its okay.  I don’t speak Korean.”

So how do the Bears keep everyone so stirred up? Well, near as I can tell, each team has a male yell leader and four female cheerleader/dancers that perform and cajole the crowd into singing, chanting and cheering.  The yell leader is mostly active during play.  He led them in a chant in Korean to the music for Surfin’ USA and another to the tune for Green Acres (I kid you not). He had them eating out of his hands.  The cheerleaders were up some during the innings but mostly performed after each half inning.  They did coordinated dances each time mostly to K-Pop (Korean Pop) songs where they replicated dance moves from the videos for each song (music videos are very popular in Korea and the dance moves are a big part of each song).  I will share a video below with an example of the type of dancing that I saw although this video was not taken at the game I attended. Most of the dancing is probably less racy than this but definitely not all of it.  I am not going to comment as to whether this is good for the game or for women or not but I can tell you that had this kind of cheering occurred at baseball games when I was a lad, I would never have learned how baseball works. I also would have saved my allowance for season tickets.

At one point in the game there was a big commotion and I saw the crowd looking at someone walking around the stadium towards us.  There was a lot of picture taking but I couldn’t see who was approaching, but it was clearly some celebrity and celebrity is a big deal in Korea.

Korean Actress and sex symbol Clara Lee sat about 10 meters from me in the cheap seats!

Korean Actress Clara Lee sat about 10 meters from me in the cheap seats!

The mob came closer and closer and then the celebrities in question came up the aisle past my seat and sat in nearly the last row.  They sat down about 10 meters away.  So who was it?  It was a young man and woman and other than that I had absolutely no clue.  No one around me seemed to speak English so I was pretty much in the dark.  There were so many people taking pictures in the aisle that I was totally unable to even go get a beer.  I tried to get a shot of the couple a number of times and finally managed to stick up my camera and get a shot. I showed it to our Korean friends and they informed me that the young woman is a Korean actress named Clara Lee.  She has been in a few things including as a member of the cast of the Korean Saturday Night Live. I still don’t know who the dude is but then again who cares.

This beer cost 2000 Korean Won.  That is about $2.  Nice.

This beer cost 2000 Korean Won. That is about $2. Nice.

I have to say that going to the ball game was one of the coolest experiences of the trip for me and certainly a big highlight in Seoul. I think the main reason is that it is both so familiar and so different at the same time. Between the lines, the game was pretty much just like in the US. There may be a few differences, but by and large it was the same game and there were several American players on the field having no problems. The experience in the stands however was completely different. When I made it back to the hotel an hour after the game my ears were still ringing and that was after an hour long completely quiet subway trip. One more piece of good news, this beer at the game only cost me 2000 Korean Won … that is about 2 US dollars. That might have helped with the crowd and the cheering come to think of it.

I exchanged high fives with each of the boys, and their mom and her two friends as I left the game and we yelled ‘Go Doosan!’ so hopefully I left them with a somewhat positive impression of Americans. I have to say that given the chance, I would jump at the opportunity to go back to a Korean baseball game and if you get a chance to go, I highly recommend it.

Oh, and the Bears were victorious by a score of 8-3.

Review: Saga Volume 3 Leaves Me Needing Volume 4


  • Title: Saga Volume 3
  • Author: Brian K. Vaughn
  • Artist: Fiona Staples
  • Publisher: image comics
  • Release Date: March 2014

NOTE: Saga is not a book for children.  There is a frequent use of adult language, themes and sexual situations.

When a book or movie is released, it is often framed as something meets something else.  For instance, the new Tom Cruise movie Edge of Tomorrow seems to me to be Starship Troopers meets Groundhog Day (I have not yet seen the movie so that is just on the trailer).  When Saga was released, it was no different.  Star Wars meets Game of Thrones or Romeo and Juliet meets Lord of the Rings are both descriptions that I have seen.  And part of what makes the work of Brian K. Vaughn so amazing is that it is evocative of these classics that we know and love while still leaving me with the feeling that I am reading something totally original.  Volume 3 is this story is no different.

For those of you that have not yet read volumes 1 and 2, Saga follows the adventures of star-crossed husband (Marko) and wife (Alana) and their daughter Hazel as they are on the lam from the powers that be.  Marko and Alana are soliders from opposite sides in an ongoing epic war.  The history of the war and exact nature of all of the powers that be is a bit vague as is the exact geometry of the region of space in which all of these things are happening.  If you are a person that likes to know every faction, their size, date of creation, distances between worlds and traveling speed of each space craft, you are going to be disappointed.  For me, the plot and character development are what drive each volume.

In this volume, our trio is traveling with Hazel’s maternal grandmother and their ghost nanny to see the author of the romantic novel that brought them together.  The leaders on both sides of the conflict want the romance ended.  To this goal, they have employed bounty hunters along with their own agents to chase down our featured family.  A robot prince, Marko’s Ex as well as a lie-detecting cat (perhaps the most popular character in the series) are among those in hot pursuit and Vaughn manages to convey to each a bit of humanity and their own unique motivations.  The storytelling does an excellent job of keeping us engaged in each character’s unique struggle while not bouncing around too often.

Saga is artistically rendered by Fiona Staples, an artist whose work I had not seen before reading Volume 1.  Her artwork is perfect for this story.  The backgrounds in most frames are relatively simple pulling the reader fully into the faces in each panel.  When you read it (I assume that you will), notice how often you are pulled in  tight on the characters.  We get some zooming out to remind us that we are in a sci-fi world, but the major events are seen through the expressions of each figure.  And Staples nails each facial nuance so that it feels as if you are watching a movie flowing as the camera angle shifts easily between each person in the scene.  Just incredibly lovely.

One feature of both Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina, each by Vaughn, is that they were not intended to be ongoing comics.  The stories had an end in mind when the comic started.  I love that.  When I start a novel, I don’t generally expect that I am signing up for a 50 year commitment to the title and each spin off.  Eventually this ride is going to end.  I can assure you that, just like with his other series, I will be on this ride until the very last stop.